Tingting Li

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Cyber Security
School of Computer Science and Informatics
Cardiff University

NEWS (02/2023):    I have a funded PhD Position on Diversity for Cybersecurity.
NEWS (04/2021):    I have a funded PhD Position on Cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles.
NEWS (01/2021):    I have a funded PhD Position for explainable AI and CyberSecurity.
NEWS (03/2020):    Our paper on optimal diversification accepted by DSN’20 (acceptance rate 16.5%).
NEWS (04/2019):    I will be a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Cardiff University this November.

Tingting Li is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in CyberSecurity with Centre for Cyber Security Research at Cardiff University, and holds an Honorary Research Fellow position at Imperial College London. Prior to joining Cardiff, she was a PostDoctoral Research Associate with Prof. Chris Hankin at the Institute for Security Science & Technology, Imperial College London. She obtained her PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Bath under the supervision of Dr. Julian Padget and Dr. Marina De Vos. She also received her MSc degree in Computing at Imperial College London, and her Bachelor degree in Information Security at Xidian University, China.

Tingting’s research interests lie in Artificial Intelligence and its integration into CyberSecurity solutions. The research goals she has been pursuing are to develop accountable and transparent AI systems to provide an intelligent defence that protects critical industrial control systems (ICS), IoT systems and cyber-physical systems from cyber attacks. For these purposes, she has blended traditional AI techniques to achieve smart risk assessment and optimal network hardening, as well as applied the deep learning techniques to realise fast and accurate intrusion detection and AI-enhanced stealthy attacks.