I am leading a computer science unit for undergraduate students:

Database Systems (2019-2021)

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of a variety of database systems, including relational and NoSQL databases, and their interaction with software web-applications. The focus is on the design, implementation and administration of relational database systems addressing real world problems.

Degree Projects

I offer several positions for undergraduate and MSc students to conduct their dissertations with me:

AI and CyberSecurity (2019-2021)

General Artificial Intelligence (AI) like knowledge representation and machine learning enables us to respond to cyber threats in greater confidence and rapid fashion. The AI's influence will span several typical cybersecurity topics like Moving-target Defense, Explainable Malware Detection and Attack Graphs.

If you are interested in the topics mentioned above, please drop me an [email].

Project Students


Xindi Shao
(MSc 2019/20)

Ting Zhan
(MSc 2019/20)

Yiyong Lyu
(MSc 2019/20)

Chunbo Hao
(MSc 2019/20)

Zongyi Li
(MSc 2019/20)