Hi everyone, we are always looking for all levels of talent that join our exciting research in CyberSecurity and their AI acceleration. The current openings can be found as follows:

Current Openings

[02/2023]:  [LINK] A funded Home/Overseas PhD position on Diversity for Cybersecurity, from Oct. 2023.
[04/2021]:  [LINK] A funded Home/Overseas PhD position on Cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles, from Oct. 2021.
[01/2021]:  [LINK] A funded Home/Overseas PhD position for explainable AI and CyberSecurity, from /Oct. 2021.

Please drop me an [Email], if you are interested and want to know more about the vacancy above.

Potential PhD Candidates

We aim to deliver intelligent and reliable protection to cyberinfrastructure. Our related research is tightly coupled to real-world facilities and is facing potential issues from daily life. Doing a PhD in this field is to investigate a specific real-world CyberSecurity issue and propose a potential solution for the public. I believe that this is a great rewarding career that deserves all the efforts and patience from anyone who would like to contribute to the community. This is also a tough journey that needs good supervision and financial support. We may have some funded studentships from time to time. As a prospective applicant, you need to consider:

  • Residency Requirement: The studentships would have some specific requirment on the residency status of the applicant. This often relies on the policy of the funding source.
  • Language Requirement: The overseas applicant has to meet such a Language Requirement which is often obligatory for most of studentships from Cardiff or other UK institutes.

You can find out all our current vacancies from this page. Some other general financial support is also worth your attention:

  • CardiffPHD: General PhD studentships provided by Cardiff University.
  • FindaPHD: General studentship search for Cardiff Computer Science.
  • CSC: China Scholarship Council studentships for potential PhD students from China.
  • CSP: Commonwealth Scholarship Programme provides supports from the UK government-funded Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

Applying to any of these studentships, you will be in the best position if you have great academic qualifications (great GPA) and/or a track record on research experience in the fields and/or good coding skills. Alternatively, our school offers excellent MSc Programs (plus placement) to help you build up a good knowledge base of the fields before your PhD study. After all, if you are still interested to contribute to the CyberSecurity research community, please contact me and include the following documents:

  • CV: This should include your personal information and the contacts of two referees. It will be appreciated if you could provide any evidence to your coding experience e.g. public code repos on Github.
  • Research Proposal/Statment: This should include an introduction to your research background and your research interests, as well as explain why you would like to work with us.

Most of our openings are typically rolling until filled. Some studentships would have specific deadlines all over the year. Please [contact] us before you apply.

Prospective Internship

We don’t have resource to host any intern in the group.